This story will have 10 chapters at first.
It is not ending with the 10th so it will be continued.
All chapters are supported with pictures and animations.
Please excuse the not-so-perfect english.
In the last 3 chapters, some pictures are missing. I still need to create them.

Dienstag, 3. Mai 2011

Chapter 10 - Day 16

The next morning, everything was totally clear to Keith. No crying anymore.
The first thing Keith said to Rebecca the next morning was:
'I am sorry.'
-'Sorry for what? I need to be I think.'
'No you don't this is my fault. I am Lara. I did this to you. I am sorry.'

Rebecca was speechless, that was not what she expected to hear now.
At this moment, there were two things she wanted to do.
The first thing was to take some knives, hit him about thousand times, cut his head off and play Dogeball with it. The second thing was to give him a kiss, a very long lasting one and tell him every effect, that his actions did to her life and how thankful she was that he did it.
What she did? She said 'Thanks.' and slapped him.
She let him some airy clothes there and left.
Returning home, Lora was still there. She almost stayed at Rebeccas house 24 hours just to wait for her.
This was so nice of her. Obviously she was doing some experiments with different pills. However, Rebecca knew that it was Lora.
'Hi Rebecca' she greeted fluently.

Rebecca decided that it was better if Lola wouldn't know about what had happened this night, so she tried to behave quite normal.
'You are still here? That was kind of you.' Rebecca smiled nice but surprised.
'Well, in fact, I have been shopping a little and returned here last evening.I read your list and have a little surprise for you. And by the way, everyone can come in through your cellar.'
-'Oh em what surprise?'
'Well, there was the point to learn how to apply makeup, so I thought I could help you with that a little.'
-'You did buy makeup?'
'Hehe, in fact, no!'
Rebecca made an asking view.
'For us, there are much easier ways to look good, you know. There are some special pills, that activate hormones in the skin, which produce exactly those compounds which we need for the look we choose. ...'
Lola took two pills. One to make her human again and another of the make-up pills. 

Even more pills... Everything was dealing with pills. Was there even one thing you could not do with pills? Where did all those pills come from? Rebecca didn't want to ask.
'So there are even pills for that, well that saves me work' she smiled.
Rebecca already trusted in all those pills, so Rebecca had no doubt in taking this pill wouldn't harm her in any way. She took it.

Looking into the mirror, she wondered about the effect it had. Not only her make up changed, but even her whole skin got another tan. 

This looked good enough to go on a celebration with it.
Catching this thought out of her mind, Lola said, that there was a human-form party this evening in the club. So why not go there?
Rebecca agreed. The only thing that was missing, was a dress. As Lola also thought of this when she went shopping. And she didn't only buy one. The next three hours, they tried out several dresses. There were some really freaky, which Rebecca could never think of wearing them.
Finally, she made her choose.

For the next two hours, they had a little small talk. Lola told her from her life, how she came in contact with the furries, her relation to Zoe and Maxiene, and that they were on a secret meeting, which Lola couldn't tell her of.
Rebecca accepted that there were things, she shouldn't know yet. She totally trusted in Lola to guide her and show her this new world.
As it was time to leave off to the party, both took their stuff and left off.
This time, they took the short though the park, Rebecca had been walking before. As it was sundown, this again was a very enjoyable walk.
Finally arriving at the club, they stepped in.

There were not that much people yet, but one person shot into Rebecca's eyes immediately.
It was Keith.
'Damn, what does he do here?'
'Who?' Lola asked.
'She.' Rebecca pointed at the girl in the chair.
'Who is she?' Lola continued asking
'Well... this is quite hard to explain, better I show you.'
They walked over.
Keith looked a bit different than the last time they saw each other. His skin was darker. Maybe this was only the light but it really seemed so. He wore the stuff Rebecca let him at his place.
'What do you do here?' Rebecca asked immediately.
The girl pointed at her necklace. 'Rebecca?' 'How did you..?'
'...Shhhh. Not so loud. I'll explain that later, just tell me how you know that I am here and what you want.'
Lola already looked confused.
'I remembered your necklace, so I thought maybe you like furries, that's how I found you. As I am also some kind of freaky furry fan, there was no long thinking about to come here. What I want is that you help me. I can't do this alone.'
'First, you let me alone. You did not help me, why should I help you? And second....'
Lola interrupted them: 'Rebecca, who is this?!'

Damn, now it was time to tell her.

'This was the photographer.' - 'Was?' - 'Yeah, she was a he.' - 'You mean,... he also changed?' - 'Yes.' - 'But how?' - - -' I have no damn idea.'
Lola was speechless. Pills can have impressive effects, but changing the gender was impossible with them.
'And with what didn't he help you?' Lola asked. - ' It's all his fault. He was Lara. He was the date. He was it who changed me.' - 'Well that's a great fate.' Lola grinned childish evil 'But how did he do it?'
'Hellooo' Keith interrupted, 'I am sitting right next to you. Why don't you just ask?'
'Okay,... how..?' Rebecca asked.
Keith breathed in and out deeply.
'Well, that's a long story.'he began.
'One special evening, I walked into the forest just to enjoy a warm evening in nature.
As I walked the path, I saw a bright light shine beyond some woods. First I feared it, because it glimmered in a strange way. I got curious. As I almost got there, it suddenly disappeared.
The only thing that was left were some bottles with a strange juice inside.
I had no idea what it was, so I took it with me to find out.
The next evening, I had a wannabe friend of mine visiting me. His name was Joe. I put a drop of it into the glass he would drink from. I thought one drop wouldn't harm him in any way whatever this was.
I didn't see him for a week after this evening. I didn't even hear anything of him. He was like disappeared. After this week, I received an application of a model to work for me.
Her name was Joanna. In her job interview, I noticed, that she wasn't really sure about her past, which was kind of confusing me. Not much later I recognized, that her overall behavior was exactly the same Joe had. So I asked her if she was Joe. And she was.
I was surprised and first didn't know how that could be, but also got that very soon. I didn't tell her, so she still doesn't know.
I now had some very interesting possibilities.
The next weeks were pretty normal except for that I taught him how to behave as a girl as good as I could. As then, something in my life really began to bother me. I was still single.
I had tried to get to know women in bars and clubs before, but this always ended up in a disaster.
So I tried to find a woman to love in the Internet.
That's where you came into my life. I really enjoyed the chats. And I also prepared a nice evening in the restaurant reserving the whole restaurant. As I watched you entering the room from upstairs, I got that you faked your identity. I hid behind a column and told a waitress to prepare a drink for you giving her an ampule of the juice of the forest. I am so sorry for that.'

Rebecca and Lola were speechless. This was a quite large information input for one evening.
'And then?' Rebecca asked after a while.
'Well I went home.
From this day on, I watched your profile daily to see if there are some changes, or if you are online.
When you uploaded the image to it over a week later, I saw what changes the juice caused to you.
I had a bad conscience, and as you looked that hot, this was the best way to get in contact with you.
You can think of the rest, I bet.'

Again a long break of thinking. During their thoughts, the music began to play in the club.
What would Rebecca do? Would she forgive him? Or would she act as to forgive him and punish him? Would she just leave or would she even kick him out?

She looked over to Lola. She just hunched her shoulders. Rebecca looked back, staring at Keith for several seconds, which felt to him like hours. He feared.

There must have been a way to punish and help him at the same time. If Rebecca just left him, she would have a bad conscience as well. But she also couldn't really hug or kiss him, although she was quite thankful because nothing of what had already happened would have happened if he had acted in any other way.

Rebecca suggested a deal.
'I will forgive you and maybe even help you, if you make it within the next 24 hours, to buy everything a woman needs, get me an usable amount of the juice, go to the hair stylist and learn how to apply makeup. If you succeed, I'll teach you how to behave, walk and speak like a woman.
If you don't, I will find a way to punish you.'

Keith glupped, then nodded.

She looked over to Lola repeating 'punish...' with an evil smile on her face. Lola smiled and nodded.
'Now we need to talk in private' Rebecca said meaning her and Lola.
They went to another place in the club to talk leaving Keith where he was sitting.

'Is there the possibility to tell him about our secret? He is also a furry freak as he said.' Rebecca asked. 'Well Rebecca, this is complicated. Depending on what he did he is not that trustful personality, I think. I first need to really trust a person before I can decide to do so.'
'I see.' Rebecca responded. 'But he already came into contact with this kind of technology, maybe we can prevent him doing this to innocent people when we include him into the community and tell him our secrets and that those secrets all need to be protected, just like you did.' she continued.
'I'll think about that aspect.' Lola answered.

They returned to Keith.
He feared that they could have acted out an evil plan, in case he fails.
'It is only 9pm. Some drugstores are still open, just a hint.'
Without saying a word, Keith left.

The remaining evening went as expected.
The room slowly filled with more and more people dancing.
Rebecca and Lola stayed there untill about 11pm. They had a lot of fun talking to people, buying some special combo pills, and dancing themselves tired.

After returning home, there was not much power left, so they went to bed.


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